2 Self Hosted Alternatives to Doodle Meeting Scheduling

These 2 self hosted alternatives to Doodle will help you organize your events quick and easy.

2 Self Hosted Alternatives to Doodle Meeting Scheduling

Introducing another way to stay organized and keep your friends, family and coworkers in the loop when an event occurs. Doodle is the leading brand when it comes to scheduling meetings with direct access to an event page. Simply mark your attendance and move on with your life. The days of social media polls are passing and not everyone uses social media.

Let's face it, scheduling events can be quite chaotic. So instead of sharing your calendar with everyone you know, simply share an invite to your booking page with these two self hosted Doodle alternatives.


Kukkee is a very user friendly, self hostable meeting application. It's simplicity and ease of use is what makes it shine. It's open source code can be found on the github repo. Kukkee does not have a Docker image but does include clear, straightforward instructions for installation.


  • Self Hostable. Don't give up on data privacy or lock yourself in. Get your own Kukkee up and running in minutes, and keep control of your privacy, data, branding and costs at all time.
  • No ads, no data monetization. Get full access to the MIT Licensed codebase on GitHub, and make or request changes quickly.
  • Login with your favorite preexisting logins like Github, Twitter, Google, etc.
  • Notifications. Get notified whenever a participant votes on your poll.
  • Share your availability for a meeting through a poll and let participants narrow it down. See who's free - or who can be - with "if need be" votes.
GitHub - Kukkee/Kukkee: Professional group meeting scheduling
Professional group meeting scheduling. Contribute to Kukkee/Kukkee development by creating an account on GitHub.


Rally is a bit more feature rich but still maintains a simple-to-use dashboard. Another thing that might appeal to those who self host Rally is the fact that it does have a Docker image. It is comprised of Next.js, Prisma & TailwindCSS.


  • Rallly is optimized to look and work great on mobile devices so you and your participants can use it on the go.
  • Need help staying on top of things? Rallly can send you an email whenever participants vote or comment on your poll.
  • Got a question or just have something to say? You and your participants can comment on polls to start a discussion.
  • No login required. We keep things simple and don't ask for more than what we need.
  • The codebase is fully open-source and available on github.
  • Run it on your own server to get full control of your data.
GitHub - lukevella/rallly: Rallly is a free group meeting scheduling tool
Rallly is a free group meeting scheduling tool. Contribute to lukevella/rallly development by creating an account on GitHub.

Final Notes and Thoughts

I'm leaning towards Rally for now. It has a few more features and the design of the application seems to please me a bit more. That's not to say I don't like the Kukkee design however, with Rally, you can leave comments as to why you chose to attend or perhaps ask a question and start a conversation. It adds a more social atmosphere to the application overall.

Do you prefer all of your self hosted applications to have a docker image? Does that make or break the decision for you? 🐳 For me it depends on the installation process overall. I do prefer Docker because it's usually the easier way to install applications. Since Rally does have a Docker image, it was easy to spin up and get going. However, Kukkee was also relatively painless to install. It took longer but overall it was a rather simple process.

Both projects are still in active development and seeking ideas or feature requests. Be sure to check them out on Github and hit the star if you find them useful.