About Noted

What is Noted and how can we help you learn more about self-hosting and open-source software?

Noted is an independent publication that took its first steps in April 2022. Our main areas of interest orbit around Home Lab, Self Hosting, Security, and all things Open Source or free software, often referred to as FOSS.

The Noted Mission

At Noted, we're on a mission to explore the vast world of free and open-source applications, created by remarkable developers from all corners of the globe. Our aim is to be the guiding star that leads newcomers through the cosmic journey of self-hosted applications, inspiring them to embark on their own digital odyssey, boldly venturing where they've never gone before.

Discover something new

Perhaps you'll stumble upon a game changer that revolutionizes how you navigate your self-hosted homelab. Personally, I'm always on the hunt for fresh projects to satisfy my self-hosting curiosity. That's why I created the Self-Hosted Roundup dedicated to folks like us who crave new tinkering opportunities. Take a spin through the site or explore the complete Noted self-hosted article directory right here.

Noted Analytics

Noted is completely transparent. We do not collect any personal data through analytics. We use Umami and Plausible for tracking which both use anonymous tracking methods.

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Want to contribute?

You too can write content on Noted! Check out our Contribute page for details!

Need our logo for your dashboard or RSS feed?

There are 6 renditions of the Noted logo in different colors. Feel free to use the logo for non commercial use projects only. This basically means don't rip-off or steal our logo for your own personal use. 😄 ❤️