What's this all about?

What's this all about?
I'm Jeremy, creator of Noted.lol. Here I am doing my best Stephen King pose.

Noted is an independent publication launched in April 2022 by Jeremy Irwin. The primary topics here are Home Lab, Self Hosting, Security and Open Source or free software (also known as FOSS) related content. Notes from an aspiring homelab and self hosting autodidact.

Discover something new

Perhaps you will discover or learn something new that will change the way you use certain things in your Home Lab. I myself am always seeking out new projects to keep my hunger for Self Hosting at bay. I created the Self Hosted Weekly Roundup for people just like me that want to find a new project to tinker with.

Noted Analytics

Noted is completely transparent. We do not collect any personal data through analytics. We use Umami and Plausible for tracking and you can see exactly how it works right here and here.

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Some featured images are downloaded for free from https://www.freepik.com and altered with text and other graphics to suit our needs. We are not affiliated with Freepik.
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