Noted is now accepting contributors at a volunteer level. We want to invite anyone who has experience with the following topics to contribute.

  • Self Hosting
  • Open Source Software
  • Docker
  • Linux & Linux Security
  • Homelab

What is required to be a Contributor?

We make no demands and add no pressure to our contributors. You contribute when you feel like you want to write. Great content comes from itchy fingers and not those who are under pressure. All we ask is you have a creative mindset and write at least 350-500 words at minimum per article related to one of the topics listed above.

Who should contribute to Noted?

Really, anyone who loves to write and enjoys the topics above. But also, we invite project developers who want to introduce their self hosted projects or open source software. This is a great opportunity to present your project to thousands of active readers.

What are the benefits?

One thing we don't want  are people with a "what's in it for me" mindset.

Honestly, we make no promises and offer only our exposure. We value our readers and if they love your content, perhaps they will visit your website linked in your bio section which is also displayed at the bottom of every article you contribute on Noted.

An example author card you will see at the bottom of articles.

How to Contribute to Noted and what to expect

It's quite simple. You can either use the Contact page or get in touch with Jeremy on Discord. We will have a quick one on one chat about your plans then I'll email an invite. This will give you Contributor access to your own content on Noted where you can utilize the Ghost editor and amazing content blocks it provides.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch and put your ideas, guides and projects out there for the masses to consume and learn about!

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