Get Started Self-Hosting

If you're thinking about setting up your own self-hosting hardware and applications but don't know how to begin, these articles and guides can point you in the right direction and maybe even clear up some of your doubts. I've listed them in the order you should read them.

How Can I Get Started Self-Hosting?

Want to get started self-hosting? Here's the rundown on the basics to get you started.

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What is a Homelab and What can You Learn from Them?

Let's talk homelabs! What are they and why do you need a homelab? It's much easier than you think to get started!

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Install Docker and Portainer on Debian for Self-Hosting

Install Docker and Portainer with this quick and simple guide sure to have you self-hosting your own apps in no time at all.

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Self Host a Ghost Blog on Your Homelab Using Docker

Hosting your own website is fun and satisfying knowing you are in complete control of your data. Not only that but you are saving money by not paying for 3rd party hosting services.

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Setup your Domain using Cloudflare Tunnels and Zero Trust

Here's how you can utilize Cloudflare DNS and Zero Trust to access your self hosted website with your domain name.

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How to Protect Self Hosted Login Pages using Cloudflare Zero Trust Policies

Protect your Self-Hosted, SaaS and Private applications with Zero Trust policies. Only users who match your policies will have access to your configured applications.

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