3 of My Favorite FOSS RSS Readers for Windows

Organize your favorite blog content with one of these recommended, free and Open Source feed readers.

3 of My Favorite FOSS RSS Readers for Windows

My daily driver is a Windows PC for several reasons that I'll get into on another day but the biggest being software alternatives for Linux just don't quite compare. Otherwise, I would most likely be on EndeavorOS or an Ubuntu flavor of some kind.

When it comes to keeping up with blogs I like to read, it can be quite a task browsing through my bookmarks one by one to see what's new. And why would I use my phone when I'm at my desk?

Here are my top 3 picks for a Free and Open Source RSS reader for Windows.

YARR (Yet Another RSS Reader)

YARR (yet another RSS reader) is a web-based feed aggregator which can be used both as a desktop application and a personal self-hosted server.

It is written in Go with the front-end in Vue.js. The storage is backed by SQLite. It runs in your browser from the system tray icon.

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Raven Reader

Raven is a open source desktop news reader with flexible settings to optimize your experience. No login is required, and no personal data is collected. Just select the websites you want to curate articles from and enjoy!

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Fluent Reader

Enjoy your favorite blogs content like never before with Fluent Reader and the built-in article view for RSS full text tailored to maximize focus. Source only comes with snippets? Configure to load full content with Mercury Parser, load webpage in the app, or open externally by default.

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Final Notes and Thoughts

If I had to choose one, it would be Fluent Reader. All 3 have dark modes and are really awesome! But the card view on Fluent Reader really grabs my attention and sets it apart from the others. It really just boils down to aesthetics. There's a bunch of self-hosted RSS readers you could also try. TTRSS, MiniFlux, FreshRSS and Stringer to name a few! Let me know what your top choice is for both desktop and self hosted in the comments below!