Firefox Bookmark Keywords are a Game Changer

Learn how to be more efficient in your workflow with Firefox bookmark keywords. A simple keyword that gives you instant access to a bookmark.

Firefox Bookmark Keywords are a Game Changer

I am always looking for ways to cut time and be more efficient in my work flow. So any shortcuts I can find to make my workflow fast without losing quality is a huge deal.

If you use the internet a lot like I do, and you're a Firefox user, you will love this. Firefox bookmark keywords are an essential part of how I access pages I bookmark. Just save a website as a bookmark by pressing Ctrl + D.  Here I added as a bookmark. I have mine save automatically to my toolbar for easy access. Now right click and edit the bookmark.

I added the keyword "dns" and saved it. So now when I type the word "dns" into the address/search bar it will take me directly to the website. Let's test it out.

This is especially useful for people with a home lab like myself who run services locally. You can save them as a bookmark and add a keyword so you don't have to remember the IP address and port. Sure you could click the bookmark but this option saves you a few more steps and will save you so much time in the long run.

This feature alone almost destroyed my need for a self hosted dashboard or bookmarking solution. I said almost! I have a lot of bookmarks so I only use the Firefox bookmark keyword for my most used websites and mostly for my self hosted services and home lab related stuff.

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Check out my notes on LinkDing bookmark manager. It's one heck of a bookmark manager and is super simple to setup using Docker.