Home Gallery - A Simple Mobile Friendly Self Hosted Photo Gallery

Home Gallery is a simple, self hosted solution that allows you to browse your images and videos with image discovery, tagging and metadata. Check it out!

Home Gallery - A Simple Mobile Friendly Self Hosted Photo Gallery

When you need a quick and easy method to browse a ton of photos on your NAS or server without the unnecessary features of cloud provided options, Home Gallery is a great solution. Rediscover forgotten memories and see your image metadata in a simple endless scrollable gallery.

Self-hosted open-source web gallery to view your photos and videos featuring mobile-friendly, tagging and AI powered image discovery


  • Self host using Docker Compose
  • Endless photo stream via virtual scrolling
  • Video trans-coding
  • Reverse image lookup (similar image search). If you have one sunset image, you can easily find other sunset photos in your archive without manual tagging
  • Face detection and search by similar faces
  • Expressive query language with and, or, not operands
  • GEO location reverse look ups
  • Simple mobile app through PWA support
  • Tagging, single and multi selection
  • Support of read only and offline media sources. Once the preview files are generated and their meta data are extracted, the original sources are not touched and required any more. So media from offline disk need to be extracted only once and the disk can stay offline on next runs
  • Media are identified by their content. Duplicated media (identical files byte-by-byte) are only processed once. Renaming is supported without recalculating previews etc.
  • Fast file changes detection such as add, removes, renames or moves
  • Static web gallery site export such as the demo gallery
  • Stream photos and videos to Chromecast enabled TV devices
  • Runs on SoC such as Raspberry PI

Image Discovery

Home Gallery Image Discovery is powerful yet unobtrusive to your host. It runs quietly in the background. While it's not always perfect, it does a pretty good job at sorting people and animals that are in your photos.

It clearly knows what an elephant is on the left but on the right, it mistakes the camel as a horse. This is not the fault of the software or developer. AI Image Discovery is getting smarter everyday. The more you use it in your photos, the smarter it will become.

Tagging and Searching

Home Gallery supports tagging by single image or in batches. Tags can also be populated in search results giving you the ability to further refine your gallery making it easier to find your favorite images.

View Images by Year

If you need to see all the images or videos you have from a specific year, Home Gallery will provide that option. It will sort all of your media by year based on the embedded metadata the image holds.


If your images or videos contain embedded metadata, you can view this information in the image info page. It will show all of the data that was collected from your camera when the image or video was taken.

Final Notes and Thoughts

Home Gallery is a great self hosted, mobile friendly solution for someone looking to identify a batch of photos. The Home Gallery Docker image comes in handy to easily deploy and map your photo directory to have your Home Gallery up and running in a few clicks.

Home Gallery is not meant to be an elaborate gallery that's feature rich. It lacks features such as sharing, commenting, uploading and more. The intent is to load and simply browse your photos quickly at a glance. It will discover new images that are added to the mapped volume and render the details you need.

Check out Home Gallery on Github! If you find it useful, be sure to give it a star!