Maximize Your Workflow with Self-Hosted IT-Tools Collection for Developers

Maximize Your Workflow with Self-Hosted IT-Tools Collection for Developers

Boost your efficiency with the streamlined tools in IT-Tools. A must-have collection for developers.

Developers worldwide are always seeking tools that can help make the development process more efficient as well as aid productivity. IT-Tools is one such fantastic collection of web-based tools developers should know about. It comprises a vast array of tools that simplifies SQL query building, compiles CSS and HTML code, performs unit testing, generates passwords, and much more.

What is IT-Tools?

IT-Tools is curated by CorentinTh, who has included various practical tools in the GitHub repository, catering to different needs like code conversion, SQL query building, and password generators. Whether you're a beginner or an expert developer, you can benefit from the wide variety of tools available in IT-Tools.

Try the hosted version here.

Install IT-Tools with Docker

docker run -d -p 8080:80 --name it-tools -it corentinth/it-tools

Then navigate to the web app on your docker host IP on port 8080.

The tools included in IT-Tools are designed to help users save time by simplifying and automating tasks that can be repetitive, so you can focus more on creating and building something great. You can favorite the tools you use most to have quicker access to them at the top of the app.

IT-Tools also comes in handy for testing and programming with its unit testing tools, which allows you to test individual components of your code independently of each other. Another fantastic feature is the password generator, which generates strong passwords and eliminates the risk of using the same password more than once.

Did I mention it has a QR code generator tool too?

The IT-Tools QR code generator enables you to create personalized QR codes. These QR codes can be customized to produce different color schemes and error correction levels. Additionally, you can encode various content such as text, URLs, and contact information into the code generated using IT-Tools QR code generator.

I'd really like to write about all 42 tools IT-Tools offers but that would make for one heck of a long read. So I will leave this list here for you to look over instead.

Toggle to see all 42 IT-Tools tools 👇

Token generator

Hash text


UUIDs v4 generator

Encrypt / decrypt text

BIP39 passphrase generator

Hmac generator

RSA key pair generator

Date-time converter

Integer base converter

Roman numeral converter

Base64 string encoder/decoder

Base64 file converter

Color converter

Case converter

Text to NATO alphabet

Encode/decode url formatted strings

Escape html entities

Url parser

Device information

Basic auth generator

Open graph meta generator

OTP code generator

Mime types

JWT parser

Keycode info

Slugify string

QR Code generator

SVG placeholder generator

Git cheatsheet

Random port generator

Crontab generator

JSON prettify and format

JSON minify

SQL prettify and format

Chmod calculator

Math evaluator

ETA calculator


Temperature converter

Lorem ipsum generator

Text statistics

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Final Notes and Thoughts

With 42 tools and counting, IT-Tools is an awesome addition to any self-hosted homelab. It's basically a suit of free tools all in one place. When I saw this I knew I had to have it and thought you might find it useful too. If you do, be sure to hop on over to the IT-Tools Github repo and give it a star!

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