LinkAce - A Self Hosted Website Archive

Save all your web related content with style using the self hosted LinkAce web archiving application. Add tags, notes and search your links. 🔗

LinkAce - A Self Hosted Website Archive

Have you ever wanted a way to archive websites, articles and other content you find online? LinkAce is not only beautiful to look at but also performs just as well. This tool can help you achieve your goal of archiving all the content you find useful online. Add tags, notes and even search key words. LinkAce has it all.

Let's take a look at LinkAce, your self hosted website archive application.

What exactly is LinkAce?

LinkAce is a self-hosted archive to collect links of your favorite websites. Save articles to read them later, tools to use them in your next project, or historic content to archive it for the long term. LinkAce comes with a lot of features while keeping a clean and minimal interface.

It provides a long-term archive to store links to websites, media files or anything else with a valid URL. The user is able to categorize the added links to be able to find them later, and share lists of links with friends, family or coworkers. However, LinkAce should not provide a solution to sync your browser bookmarks.

Feature Highlights

  • Save links with automatic title and description generation.
  • Automated link monitoring informs you when any links become unavailable or were moved.
  • Automated backups of saved sites via the Internet Archive.
  • Organize bookmarks with the help of lists and tags.
  • A full REST API offers access to all features of LinkAce from other apps and services.
  • LinkAce ships with a light and dark theme, that can be toggled or changes automatically.
  • A bookmarklet to quickly save links from any browser.
  • Links can be private or public, so friends or internet strangers may see your collection.
  • Both private and public links are accessible via RSS feeds.
  • Add notes to links to add thoughts or other relevant information.
  • An advanced search including different filters and ordering.
  • Import and export of bookmarks from HTML.
  • Support for complete database and application backups to any AWS S3 storage.
GitHub - Kovah/LinkAce: Your self-hosted bookmark archive. Free and open source.
Your self-hosted bookmark archive. Free and open source. - GitHub - Kovah/LinkAce: Your self-hosted bookmark archive. Free and open source.

Final Notes and Thoughts

LinkAce is a powerful tool and there are some future plans on the roadmap. I really wish this had user registration and a option to vote on links so it could be used as a public archive of sorts. I think LinkAce is outstanding as it is but has potential to be something even more if it had user registration enabling a community driven archive.

Imagine a self hosted archive where people could upvote, share and comment on the links within the application. I would definately use this for an idea I have planned for a future project!

Did you find LinkAce useful? Be sure to leave a star on the Github repo and share your thoughts with us below in the comments.

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