M4TT72 Terminal - A Self Hosted Terminal Style Website

Build a terminal style bio website with working commands that link to your social pages and more! 😂

M4TT72 Terminal - A Self Hosted Terminal Style Website

This is so much fun. If you live inside a terminal with work, and every day tasks, then you might find this just as amusing as I do.

What is M4TT72 Terminal?

M4TT72 Terminal is a terminal style website. It's fun to use as a developer or tech geek bio or even to just impress friends and family.

M4TT72 is not meant to be a working terminal, so don't get disappointed when you try to use commands like mkdir or ls and they don't work. It's meant to look like a terminal but act as a secure website.

Available commands

about, banner, cowsay, date, donate, echo, emacs, email, github, gui, help, instagram, linkedin, neofetch, projects, repo, sudo, theme, vi, vim, weather, whoami

Yep, you can use neofetch.

It uses a simple config.json file to store options that are displayed when certain commands are used.

  "bioUrl": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/m4tt72/m4tt72/master/README.md",
  "social": {
    "instagram": "m4tt72",
    "github": "m4tt72",
    "linkedin": "yassinefathi"
  "theme": "gruvboxdark" // list of themes available in themes.json


You can choose from tons of different colors to use and change it whenever you want via the terminal itself! You can change the theme by typing:

theme ls
theme set dracula

The theme ls command will display a huge list of themes you can choose from.

Install M4TT72 Terminal with Docker

If you want to run with custom configuration, make sure you have a copy of config.json then mount in the container:

docker run -d \
  --name terminal \
  -p 3000:3000 \
  -v `pwd`/config.json:/data/config.json \

Final Notes and Thoughts

M4TT72 Terminal is a fun way to show your social pages. It's a great conversation starter and time waster!

You can also check out LiveTerm which is another alternative but very similar.

If you find M4TT72 Terminal useful, be sure to give it a star on the M4TT72 Terminal Github repo!