You can Download Archives for Offline Reading

Imagine being able to browse Noted even when you're offline. Noted contributes to the free and open availability of knowledge by granting access to our site content through our archives.

You can Download Archives for Offline Reading

The archives have been available for a few months now. However, it's time we get into the reasons behind their existence and how they can be beneficial for you.

First off, you may ask yourself "why would I want to download archives of a website?"

Noted was born with a clear purpose, to make self-hosted and open-source knowledge readily available to everyone. In line with this mission, we've made sure that Noted remains easily accessible to the public to promote the free and open availability of knowledge.

Here are a couple of reasons why we're all about promoting the archives and why we think you should snag them.

1. Convenient Offline Access: Having access to valuable information offline can be revolutionary. Whether you're on a plane without internet access, in a remote area, or simply prefer to disconnect from the web occasionally, the archives offer you the flexibility to browse the content offline.

2. Preservation of Knowledge: The archives serve as a robust repository of the articles, guides, and resources we've curated over time. This means that even if articles are updated or removed from the website, you can still refer back to the original content.

3. Sharing Knowledge: Downloading the entire collection as a zim file not only grants you access but also the ability to easily share this knowledge with others.

4. Freedom to Explore: With individual article downloads, you have the freedom to select specific topics of interest. It's like handpicking chapters from a book rather than reading it cover to cover.

Well, some of you might already be fancy with your self-hosted archiving tools like Shiori, Archive Box, or Omnivore. You're probably thinking, "Why bother when you can just scrape websites with wget?" But here's our official way of serving up the content for you. ❤ Archive Options

Noted uses two different methods of archiving the content. Here's how it's done.

  1. SingleFile Article Snapshots - Article snapshots are taken after each article is published on Noted using a tool called SingleFile. These snapshots are then uploaded to a different server and served using Dufs where you can either view the archived articles or download them for offline viewing. These are html files that can be viewed in any browser locally.
  2. Zim File Archive - Each month I run a script to create a .zim file for the content on This file can be viewed offline using a tool known as Kiwix. You can search the site and read all of the articles just as if you were browsing Noted online. If you use a Windows machine, I recommend running the Kiwix Serve program locally to serve the zim file on

For additional information about the Archives and to access file downloads, please visit this link.

Final Notes and Thoughts

No matter how many backups I maintain for, there's still that tiny chance they might vanish into the digital abyss thanks to those pesky unforeseen issues. And guess what? Every website out there dances to the same uncertain tune. Nothing's forever on the internet folks! 😉