Noted Upgrades - Now on Ghost 5.0 and Proxmox 7.2

Noted is now on Ghost 5.0. What's new and will you notice anything? πŸ‘»

Noted Upgrades - Now on Ghost 5.0 and Proxmox 7.2

We made the jump over to Ghost 5.0 AND Proxox 7.2 up from Proxmox 6.4 this evening and if you were here, you probably didn't even notice but thanks to Proxmox, we had no downtime! Docker is also a huge reason it went so smoothly.

Look at that brand new Proxmox dashboard. So shiny!

Long overdue, the upgrade to Proxox VE 7 was relatively easy going. I installed it fresh off the cooker so technically speaking it wasn't an upgrade but a fresh install. I did this because I also added more HDDs and SSDs including this badboy.

Probbaly overkill right? But I got ahold of one so why not right? Right!

I've also setup a Proxmox Backup Server instance to feed incremental backups as a precautionary measure. You know what they say, one is none and two is one, right? So I set it up to do 3 backups for now.

I transferred the files over to a new container and shot up the Docker Compose and the update went smooth. All I had to do from there was verify everything was working good before changing the local service IP and port in Cloudflare to match that of the new container in Portainer.

Not a whole lot you will see new on the front end of Noted but here's the shortlist on what's new in Ghost 5.0 and this is straight off the Ghost update post.

  • In the last 2 major versions of Ghost we introduced (first beta, then public) memberships, premium subscriptions, and email newsletters. In Ghost 5.0 we've significantly expanded those capabilities with support for custom premium tiers, multiple newsletters, special offers, detailed audience segmenting, and expanded analytics.
  • In the last year we added (lots) more custom cards to the editor, now with native support for videos, podcasts, gifs, products, callouts, headers, and even NFTs (though that last one turned out to be pretty marmite). It's the same clean, signature Ghost editor β€” but now it can support much more diverse types of content.
  • We've upgraded existing themes and introduced some powerful new themes, including one particularly nice one for news sites called Headline.
  • As well as design improvements throughout admin, we also added design settings for themes as well as email newsletters right inside Ghost - so it's even easier to make quick changes without needing to touch any code.
  • Speed. Overall performance under load is up 20%+ while resource use is down 22%. Ghost was already really fast, but we've made quite a few optimizations that have continued to make things faster.
  • For developers: Ghost's production stack is now Ubuntu 20, Β Node 16, MySQL8.

Noted will be even faster?! WHAT! No way! Yep, let's go!

Final Notes and Thoughts

I'm super stoked that Ghost is being so well maintained. It has really developed into a wonderful platform for blogs, websites and personal projects. It's a breeze to self host and I highly recommend it if you are planning on starting your own website.

Cheers for now and happy self hosting!