Noted Updates 6-24-2022

Here's what's new on Noted. Theme update, announcement icon, working search and more. 👍

Noted Updates 6-24-2022

It's been a couple weeks since we did an update for the website but alas, it's here today along with our Self Hosted Roundup #11!

What's new on Noted?

First, sorry for all the RSS pings and re pushed content. I had to re import the articles because I changed nodes. This has happened twice so far and I didn't even realize it would effect the RSS feed. It's not broken so don't worry, it was just me changing Proxmox nodes here in the homelab. If you do use RSS, the rest of this article may not even matter to you.

You may have noticed some cosmetic changes on the site because we indeed did switch themes. The previous theme was fantastic however, there were many modifications that had to be made. Even with those modifications, things just did not work the way they should have. So let's break it down and check out what's new on Noted.

New Noted Theme

Like I said, I really loved the previous theme we had (Aditu). There were some issues that were causing breaks in the search. That was one of the biggest reasons for the change. I can't really complain about it otherwise.

The new theme ships with 4 color flavors you can choose from in the navigation menu at the bottom.


Our new theme, Dashi by Biron Themes is similar in ways but much different in others. I'll explain the features below in more detail.

Important Announcement Bell Icon

If there are any important announcements, you will see a bell icon with a red dot at the top of the site. When clicked, it will show you a list of the articles that are marked as announcements.

Finally, a search that works on Noted! It will search both titles and article content and populate a list of articles matching your search term. I am still not too fond of the Ghost search or the lack there of and would prefer inline search over auto populated results in a list.

Table of Contents

You will notice a Table of Contents on this very article on the top right. People have asked about this and now we can deliver with the built in function for this theme. If you are on mobile, you will see an icon on the bottom right that looks like paper. Click that to show the Table of Contents!


On site bookmarks are something we have but I'm not sure how many people will utilize such a feature. Every article has a bookmark icon that you can click to add it to your bookmarks page. You can see the bookmarks page here or access it within the collapsible menu towards the bottom. Bookmarks can be clicked or deleted from this page. It's noting fancy.

Final Notes and Thoughts

At the end of the day, the overall goal is to give you the reader a good experience on the site. Many of you use RSS readers but we still want a good first impression for any new readers.

We've taken your feedback and put it into action for this update and rendition of Noted. Don't worry though, we won't be switching themes every couple months! So if you have any other feedback, please let us know in the comments section or hop in our Discord and let's chat!