Noted Updates 7-18-2022

Noted Updates 7-18-2022

Here's what's new on Noted. New temporary hosting, contributors coming and more. 👍

Summer is a blazin' and with that comes summer vacation for my kids. I hate to blame my kids for this one but buttons are being pressed and Noted is going down more often than I had hoped. 😑 I have also been traveling more this summer and cannot micro manage my server as much.

Site Hosting Update

With that being said, I have decided that for now, it is best to host Noted on a cloud host until I can get my server in a more secure location that is not also high foot traffic from the kiddos. I don't want to go into the details on that quite yet.

So for now, Noted will be hosted on a very well known cloud host. It's on an Ubuntu node with 2gb of ram and a shared CPU with only 50gb of space. 🤮

Who the hell knew self hosting a website on my own hardware would be this difficult? Well, it's not difficult, it's actually very easy but requires more attention than I thought.

Noted Now Accepting Contributors

If you love self hosting and home lab related hobbies and want to contribute to Noted, we are now accepting contributors who want to write articles. I will still write and maintain the site as usual but I have been approached a couple times about this and decided to give it a shot.

I will more formally introduce the Noted Contributors in a future article so keep a look out for that soon.

Please contact Jeremy on Discord or contact us using the contact page for now.

Final Notes and Thoughts

In the end, I want Noted to be up 24/7 and not disappoint people when new content goes viral and the site is offline because a little finger that smells of Lucky Charms cereal pressed a button. 😇

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