Raneto - Markdown Powered Knowledge Base Wiki for Node.js

Raneto makes it easy to create documentation for any project. Setup and self host your own instance with Docker in minutes.

Raneto - Markdown Powered Knowledge Base Wiki for Node.js

I came across Raneto while browsing the Awesome Self Hosted Tracker website yesterday. I really love that website because it shows all the latest projects that have been added to the Awesome Self Hosted Github repo.

I wasn't looking for anything in particular but I always like a good documentation knowledgebase app so I wanted to know more about it.

What is Raneto?

Raneto is an open-source Knowledgebase platform that uses static Markdown files to power your Knowledgebase.

Raneto Features

  • Simple: You can create and manage an entire knowledge base using your favorite text editor
  • Flat: Raneto is a "flat file" CMS, meaning no database problems, no MySQL queries, nothing
  • Fast: Raneto is seriously lightweight and doesn't use a database, making it super fast

Raneto also features:

One thing worth mentioning is that you can create new pages through the Raneto dashboard or use previously created Markdown files. All you have to do is place them inside the "pages" folder and Raneto will automatically generate a page title based on the name of the file then render the Mardown so it is accessible via the Raneto main dashboard page.

Install Raneto using Docker Compose

Linuxserver has built a Docker image for Raneto that you can use here.

version: "2.1"
    image: lscr.io/linuxserver/raneto:latest
    container_name: raneto
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=1000
      - TZ=Etc/UTC
      - /path/to/appdata:/config
      - 3000:3000
    restart: unless-stopped

Be sure to change the TZ variable to reflect your time zone. Such as America/Chicago for example.

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Final Notes and Thoughts

Raneto is super simple to use. The interface is clean and minimal which is what I look for in something like this. Less clutter is always better when people are looking for good documentation.

If you find Raneto useful, be sure to swing by the Raneto Github repo and give it a star!