6 Self Hosted Google app Alternatives

Control your own data with these 6 self hosted Google app alternatives and be at peace of mind when it comes to your privacy.

6 Self Hosted Google app Alternatives

Rest assured we have you covered with several self hosted Google app alternatives. These apps can all be hosted on your own hardware from home on something as small as a Raspberry Pi!

If you want to learn more about self hosting and what hardware to use, check out this article about how I host this very website on a small Intel NUC from my home.

NocoDB - If you need a good self hosted Google Sheets alternative, check out NocoDB! NocoDB is an open source no code platform that turns any database into a smart spreadsheet. You can do so much more with this app including creating your own self hosted contact forms!

Finding an acceptable self hosted Google Photos alternative can be a bit more tricky. There's plenty of options ranging from basic to much more advanced. If you are looking for one that will sync to your phone, we recommend Immich! It's open source and highly active in development.

When it comes to file and document handling, we can recommend using Nextcloud as self hosted Google Drive alternative. Nextcloud on it's own can tick most of the boxes when it comes to self hosted Google app alternatives. Nextcloud has a whole suit of apps ranging from Photos, Documents, Files, Sheets and more with a built in Nexcloud community app store, you're sure to find what you need. We will still recommend more apps here though regardless!

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If communicating with your family, friends or coworkers is an important element in your daily routine, Jitsi Meet is a great self hosted Google Meet alternative. Secure, Simple and Scalable Video Conferences that you use as a standalone app or embed in your web application.

Looking for a quick place to store short notes, images, PDFs and videos? Yep, it's a self hosted Google Keep alternative called Zusam! Create groups and share your notes between them.

Are you the type that absolutely has to be organized? We found a wonderful self hosted Google Tasks alternative called Vikunja. Vikunja lets you easily share a list or a namespace with another user or a whole team! You can also assign tasks to people so everybody knows who's working on what.

Final Notes and Thoughts

While there are several alternatives to some of the Google apps, these are some of the more popular alternatives we have reviewed and used ourselves on a daily basis.

Try starting with Nextcloud to see what apps you can find in that app to cover your needs. From there you can come back and see what you are missing to fill in the gaps.

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If you can't self host these apps at home, I highly recommend PikaPods cloud app hosting. They offer several self hosted Google app alternatives and their prices are very compettative.

If you are new to self hosting and want to learn more about it, I recommend browsing our Homelab section to get more familiar with how it all works. It's not as overwhelming as it might sound!