Self Hosted Roundup #19

What's new in self hosted applications this week? Check it out in the Self Hosted Roundup #19! 👋

Self Hosted Roundup #19

Things are starting to pick back up and new projects are pouring in! It's a good week this week!

What's new in Self Hosted this week?

Some new apps surfaced this week and more than usual! Here's what I found for you this week in self hosted apps.


GoGallery is a static site generator designed just for large photo sets. Its like Hugo but for large photo galleries.


Homepage is yet another self hosted dashboard managed by yaml files.

Homepage yaml files

Bender Dashboard


Bender is a rendition of Homer that allows you to edit the dashboard via the GUI rather than editing yaml files.


Keep your sensitive information out of chat logs, emails, and more with heavily encrypted secrets with Hemmelig.

Nextjs Notion Blog Starter

Notion-powered blog starter with Nextjs and Tailwind.


WatchYourLAN is a Lightweight network IP scanner with a web GUI.

Desktop Application of the week

Open Source desktop apps we find that are worth mentioning.

Ultimate Vocal Remover

Ultimate Vocal Remover uses state-of-the-art source separation models to remove vocals from audio files. UVR's core developers trained all of the models provided in this package (except for the Demucs v3 4-stem models).

Self Hosted Blogs and Websites

New self hosted related blogs and websites we found worth mentioning!

Self Hosted Corner - A fabulous community of self hosting hobbyists taking control back for their own services.

Andrej Friesen - A home for my projects, thoughts, and ideas. Home Automation with Home Assistant, Linux things, building a Home Lab and more.

The Self-Hosting Blog - Join us and discover the latest in self-hosted applications and other open source technologies.

Adam's Blog - My blog, primarily focused on homelabbing and tech.

That's all I have this week but if you can't get enough, you can always check out the Self Hosted Roundup tag to see more.

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Have a great weekend everyone and happy self hosting!