Self Hosted Roundup #22

What's new in self hosted applications this week? Check it out in the Self Hosted Roundup #22! πŸ‘‹

Self Hosted Roundup #22

Happy New Year to all and we hope you are well as we roll into 2023. New self hosted apps are on the rise again! We also have a new site update. πŸ‘ So if you missed it, we go over quite a few new changes around here including our new forum and subscription changes. 😱 So be sure to check out that article at some point when you are done here. βœ”οΈ

What's new in Self Hosted this week?

This week there wasn't a ton of new apps surfacing, however, we did find a few golden nuggets for you to try out. Let's get right into it! πŸš€


HomelabAPI is a self-hosted API that you can use to consolidate all of your homelab notifications and other outputs. This allows you to use HomelabAPI as your central input/output hub, and if you ever want to change where your homelab outputs go, it's just a matter of updating your HomelabAPI configuration.

Supported Inputs, Headphones, HealthChecks, Home Assistant, LazyLibrarian, Radarr, Monit, SmokePing, Sonarr, Synology, Tailscale, UptimeRobot, Any POST Webhook that allows you to specify a request body

Here is a (restricted) demo.

Due to the nature of HomelabAPI, a fully functional demo is a bit tricky, however I do have a copy installed on the below URL so that people can check the system out and look through the API documentation.


Briefkasten is a self-hosted bookmarking application that works with any Prisma compatible database (MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, etc.)

You can read more about installing Briefkasten via Docker here in the documentation.

🎩 Features

  • Save by Browser Extension
  • Automatic title and description extraction
  • Drag-and-drop URLs on page to save
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Organise by categories and tags
  • Import and export bookmarks from standard HTML format
  • Bookmark image fetching background job
  • Multiple views
  • Fulltext search
  • OAuth + Email magic link login
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Diosic is an open source web-based music collection server and streamer. Mainly suitable for users who need to deploy on servers with low hardware specifications.


  • Suitable for deployment on low configuration servers.
  • Simple and practical.
  • Diosic can categorize subfolders in your music folder. For example, if there are English, Chinese
  • Simple to deploy using Docker Compose

Helper - Project Management

Helper is n open source Project management tool based on Laravel and Filament.


  • PHP 8+
  • MySQL 8+
  • Pusher account

You can see Helper in action here: (can't seem to log in though)

Helper does not currently have a Docker image however, I did put in a issue on the Helper Githup repo asking about it. You can go there and add your support for the feature request!

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Forumium is a simple Forum platform made with the Laravel Framework and the elegant TALLkit Filament. The development of the graphical part, and what gave us the majority of the development ideas, was based on the Open Source Flarum discussion system.

What is the key differences between Forumium and Flarum?

Forumium is based on Laravel and the logic is specific. Β The administration is based on a TALLkit (Filament) that makes it more extensible, and also some profile stats (visits, charts, etc.)

Content Creator Spotlight

This week I'd like to take a minute to mention some new content creators related to self hosting and homelab. Let me know what you think about this and I can continue to add these in each Self Hosted Roundup going forward. If you want to see more of these including content creators that have been around a while, you can see our curated list of self hosted and homelab content creators on the forum!

The Homelab Chronicles (Youtube Channel)

The Homelab Chronicles
Welcome to our YouTube channel! Here, you’ll find a variety of content related to servers, homelabs, computers, and tutorials. Our channel is dedicated to providing valuable information and resources for individuals who are interested in building and maintaining their own servers and homelabs. Whet…

Hack All The Things (Security Wiki)

The HackTricks we have at home. Except some notes are really extensive and include non-conventional ways of doing things

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Have a great weekend everyone!