Self Hosted Roundup #27

What's new in self hosted applications this week? Check it out in the Self Hosted Roundup #27! πŸ‘‹

Self Hosted Roundup #27

Welcome back to the Self Hosted Roundup where we bring you the latest in Self Hosted and Open Source applications! What an amazing week it has been and full of awesome new projects. πŸ˜€


Ganymede allows archiving of past streams (VODs) and livestreams both with a rendered chat. All files are saved in a friendly way that doesn't require Ganymede to view them (see file structure). Ganymede is the successor of Ceres.



Whisper-UI is a simple Streamlit UI for OpenAI's Whisper speech-to-text model. It let's you download and transcribe media from YouTube videos, playlists, or local files. You can then browse, filter, and search through your saved audio files. Feel free to raise an issue for bugs or feature requests or send a PR.

ToDo List

todo is a self-hosted todo web app that lets you keep track of your todos in a easy and minimal way. πŸ“ There is also a Docker image.


Wizarr is a automatic user invitation system for Plex. Create a unique link and share it to a user and they will automatically be invited to your Plex Server! They will even be guided to download the Plex client and instructions on how to use your requests software!


Espial is an open-source, web-based bookmarking server. It allows mutiple accounts, but currently intended for self-host scenarios. The bookmarks are stored in a sqlite3 database, for ease of deployment & maintenence. The easist way for logged-in users to add bookmarks, is with the "bookmarklet", found on the Settings page.


Cadence is an all-in-one web radio suite, allowing you to quickly and easily start an internet radio website in minutes.

The project ships with built-in Icecast and Liquidsoap working out-of-the-box, complemented by a UI, music search, song request, artwork, and real-time stream information features. The project ships all components mostly pre-configured to work with each each other so there is hardly any configuration to do.



Dockcheck is Β script that checks for docker images updates without pulling - then selectively auto-update some/all


LARD is a redirect daemon that can be used to redirect incoming HTTP requests to different URLs. In other words, it's a link shortener.

Docker Rollout

Docker Rollout is a Docker CLI plugin that updates Docker Compose services without downtime.

Simply replace docker compose up -d <service> with docker rollout <service> in your deployment scripts. This command will scale the service to 2 instances, wait for the new container to be ready, and then remove the old container.

Cloudflare DDNS

Cloudflare DDNS is a feature-rich and robust Cloudflare DDNS updater with a small footprint. The program will detect your machine's public IP addresses and update DNS records using the Cloudflare API.

Desktop App of the Week

The free and open source desktop app of the week goes to....


Sniffnet is an application to comfortably monitor your network traffic. Multithreaded, cross-platform, reliable. Windows, Mac and Linux compatible.

Fun Websites to check Out

Convert Docker run commands into Docker Compose using Composerize.

Bored? Try Lofi and Games! Listen to Lofi while playing some simple, nostalgic games in your browser.

Weekly Poll Question

What is considered "Self Hosting" in your opinion? This has been a heated debate in the community for a long time but in the end we some how come together and continue to be the most amazing community!

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These applications are not necessarily already highlighted on Noted but may eventually be reviewed. The goal of this series is to simply let you know what's new in Self Hosting (or new to me) in a bulletin style fashion so you have something to tinker with over the weekend. You can browse the Self Hosted applications or the directory for in depth reviews of applications we have used and tested.

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