Self Hosted Roundup #28

What's new in self hosted applications this week? Check it out in the Self Hosted Roundup #28! 👋

Self Hosted Roundup #28

What's new in Self Hosted apps this week?

We have a nice trend this week! Here's a look at what we found.


ZipLine is a ShareX file upload server that is easy to use, packed with features such as image and text (code snippet) sharing, url shortener and more. You can also use ZipLine as a standalone application without ShareX by manually uploading your files in the dashboard.


Paaster is a secure and user-friendly pastebin application that prioritizes privacy and simplicity. With end-to-end encryption and paste history, Paaster ensures that your pasted code remains confidential and accessible.


AnonUpload is a simple, databaseless PHP file uploader. It's built with privacy in mind, by not showing the direct filename used. AnonUpload is designed to work anywhere! Nginx, Apache, Lightspeed, Anything Will Work!


jfa-go is a user management app for Jellyfin (and now Emby) that provides invite-based account creation as well as other features that make one's instance much easier to manage.


Podgrab is a is a self-hosted podcast manager which automatically downloads latest podcast episodes. It is a light-weight application built using GO.


Yopass is a project for sharing secrets in a quick and secure manner*. The sole purpose of Yopass is to minimize the amount of passwords floating around in ticket management systems, Slack messages and emails. The message is encrypted/decrypted locally in the browser and then sent to yopass without the decryption key which is only visible once during encryption, yopass then returns a one-time URL with specified expiry date.

Websites and Tools to check Out

Daily Dev - is a browser extension and a web app that helps developers stay updated on the latest programming news. Essentially it's a feed of articles we gather from the best tech blogs on any programming topic.

Awesome Self Hosted - Your go-to Self Hosted Toolbox. Our goal is to help you find the software and libraries you need. Made by developers for developers.

CyberChef - The Cyber Swiss Army Knife - a web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis.

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