Self Hosted Roundup # 29

What's new in self hosted applications this week? Check it out in the Self Hosted Roundup #29! ๐Ÿ‘‹

Self Hosted Roundup # 29

Welcome back to the Self Hosted Roundup where we bring you the latest in Self Hosted and Open Source applications!


Cogito is... another second brain app.

All your notes in one place

  • add Link
  • add Tweet
  • add Note
  • add Tag, Title, Comment
  • Search in Article, Tweet and Note
  • Automatic Tag with Natural language processing
  • Save search
  • Dark theme
  • Mark card as Todo
  • Bulk remove or add tag (hold shift and select)
  • PWA app (with share to cogito option on Android)
  • Open to feature request


Linksnatch is an effortlessly simple bookmarks app that lets you save the links on your device on the go. Docker image here.


Lynx is a fullstack application using the MEVN stack to shorten your URLs.

MIND Reminders

MIND is a simple self hosted reminder platform that uses push to send notifications to your device. Set the reminder and forget about it!

Theme Park

Theme Park is ย a place to get custom themes for your favorite apps! If you run any of the LinuxServer arr apps simply add the following 2 environment variables to your stack to use the theme you see above (overseerr). Example for Sonarr

- TP_THEME=overseerr

So the compose file would look like this.

version: "2.1"
    container_name: sonarr
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=1000
      - TZ=Etc/UTC
      - TP_THEME=overseerr
      - /path/to/data:/config
      - /path/to/tvseries:/tv #optional
      - /path/to/downloadclient-downloads:/downloads #optional
      - 8989:8989
    restart: unless-stopped

Desktop App of the Week

The free and open source desktop app of the week goes to....

Sigma File Manager ๐Ÿ†

Sigma File Manager is a free, open-source, quickly evolving, modern file manager (explorer / finder) app for Windows and Linux.

Websites and Tools to check Out

A weekly short list of interesting websites, useful tools and articles.

End of an Era: Linode Brand Retired
Last year, Akamai bought industry pioneer Linode, with the intent of integrating the virtual server provider into its global network of cloud computing services. Today Akamai announced that the Linode brand is being retired: Over the next few months, youโ€™ll notice some cosmetic changes to your Linodโ€ฆ
Over-engineering my document storage system with Paperless-ngx
I think the first realisation that I was getting old was when I implemented a system to store physical + digital documents and was excited about it. My previous document system looked a little something like this: Whenever someone asked me โ€œhey can you prove you got a C in GCSE

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