Self Hosted Roundup #34

What's new in self hosted applications this week? Check it out in the Self Hosted Roundup #34!

Self Hosted Roundup #34

Happy World Backup Day! As a tribute to this occasion, I have decided to focus this weeks roundup on backup related apps and services.

Happy to see you back for our weekly Self Hosted Roundup where we update you on the latest developments in self-hosted and open source applications. Let's dive in!


Duplicati is a backup tool that allows you to backup your files to multiple cloud storage providers. It supports AES-256 encryption, gzip compression, and incremental backups.


Bacula is an enterprise-level backup and recovery tool. It supports various database systems, including MySQL and PostgreSQL, and provides features such as encryption and authentication.


Restic is a fast and secure backup tool that supports encryption, deduplication, and compression. It can backup to various storage locations, including local disk, remote server, and cloud storage.


BorgBackup is a deduplicating backup tool that offers compression and encryption. It can backup to various locations and supports remote backups over SSH.


Rclone is a command-line tool that can sync files and directories to various remote storage providers. It supports encryption and compression, and it can transfer data across different cloud storage providers or servers.


Kopia is an efficient and secure backup tool that uses block-level deduplication and encryption for data protection.


Rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot backup utility that uses hard links for efficient and incremental backups.


Amanda is a backup tool that supports both local and remote backups. It can backup data to disk, tape, or cloud storage. Amanda also offers backup scheduling and monitoring features.

BorgBase Promotional Offer

With regard to World Backup Day, The kind folks at BorgBase are giving a 30% off coupon on the initial invoice. Use code WBDX23 at checkout. The code is only available for the first 50 uses, so don't delay!

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