Tags Page Implemented on Noted

A new tags page is available. Also how you can use tags to further confine the content you want to see on Noted.

Tags Page Implemented on Noted

I've been busy adding a new page for tags. Tags are like categories and each article within is related to the tag.

Tags are awesome because it helps break down the website content into sections that might interest you more than others. You can browse tags that contain that content specifically.

This has been depreciated for the Directory page. It's the same concept and also uses tags for generating a curated list of our top self-hosted applications.

Subscribe via RSS with Tags

Each tag can be subscribed to via RSS! All you have to do is add "rss" to the end of each tag link (without the quotes) and off you go. Noted offers full text RSS content for every single article.

For example the tag https://noted.lol/tag/self-hosting sends you to the page with all of  the articles within that tag. To parse the RSS feed we add rss to the link like so:


Why Encourage People to Use RSS Applications?

Having you here on the website is awesome. A lot of time and effort has gone into content creation and design modifications on Noted. However, it takes someone who's into Self Hosting and Home Lab to know people who like this kind of content. And let's face it, people spend way less time on blogs and websites these days and more time on apps and in this case, perhaps a self hosted RSS reader of some kind.

Noted was not created and built with monetization in mind. It was built to be used as a place to share ideas and spread awareness about new applications related to Self Hosting.

So it's in your hands. You decide how to consume the content from Noted. If you want to be here on the site, know your here on a server that's hosted on a Proxmox server in my office next to my desk in a small town in Maryland. You can read more about that here.