IT-Tools Adds Docker Run to Docker Compose Converter and Wifi QR Code Generator

Some new tools were added to IT-Tools app suite. Docker run to Docker Compose and a Wifi QR Code Generator.

IT-Tools Adds Docker Run to Docker Compose Converter and Wifi QR Code Generator

If you haven't seen it already, the IT-Tools app suite is amazing! Now with a staggering 71 tools over the 42 tools it had when I first reviewed the application, IT-Tools is charging full steam ahead and still taking requests for new tools.

Docker run to Docker Compose Converter

This tool is by far my most used tool in the IT-Tools suite. I use it all the time to convert my pre-built Docker image run commands to a more conventional Docker Compose for those using tools like Portainer.

Simply add the Docker run command into the input field and the tool will convert the command into a nicely formatted Docker Compose file that you can even download if you wish.

Wifi QR Code Generator

Lastly, the newest tool in the lineup is the Wifi QR Code Generator. This is great for those who want to share a guest Wifi connection at a home or workplace.

You will need to know the encryption method, SSID and password of your wifi connection to make the QR code work. Then, (on most phones) just use the mobile devices camera to scan the code and connect to the Wifi.

Final Notes and Thoughts

Just a quick update but I am sure there will be more tools added to the IT-Tools suite. You just can't beat free and open source tools like this and we give a huge thank you to Corentin THOMASSET for their dedication to this project.

After finding myself using IT-Tools time and time again, I am happy to finally become a Github sponsor. This is well deserved and I look forward to future updates on IT-Tools.