Noted Updates August 2023 - New Look! 🎉

A few updates as we go into the weekend of August 2023! New look, paid subscriptions on hold and more.

Noted Updates August 2023 - New Look! 🎉

Hey everyone! I wanted to start by saying thank you for the overwhelming support of Noted over on our Discord server. It's been an awesome first year and we are charging full steam ahead with some cool ideas in mind.

We are now using a new theme on Noted if you havent noticed already. The design is much simpler and easier to navigate on mobile devices. Our previous theme was great but not really suited for our purpose. This theme is Casper. Yep, I'm using the default theme that ships with Ghost. Call me crazy, but this theme is the only theme that comes close to what I want Noted to look like. Simple, easy to navigate and just looks good!

Paid subscriptions have been removed for now. Donations are not needed but I did enjoy making donations to developers thanks to your help! I may revisit that idea in the near future but I want to focus more on promotion of self-hosted apps, developers and tutorials with a sprinkle of community news.

The Self Hosted Roundup may go from weekly to monthly. Or just random times, who knows! I don't want to make promises I can't keep so nothing is set in stone.

We are still looking for contributors! If you like to write and enjoy the homelab/self-hosting hobbies, let us know your ideas. You can read more over on the Contribute page.

Our "App Directory" has been moved off site to an instance of LinkAce to keep things a bit more tidy on the site. It's clean and easy to navigate. I had to do a ton of modifications to the previous theme to create the App Directory that we used to have. The problem was, every time there was a theme update I had to recreate it. It wasn't that hard but it was tedious and I like it better this way!

The directory resource will also be used for other things like tools, Youtube channels and related websites so you can see more creators in the community.

Final Notes and Thoughts

Same ol' Noted, different look. Thank you again for all the support and I look forward to chatting with you on our Discord server or in the comments section of an article!