Open Resume - A Minimal Self-Hosted Resume Builder and Parser

OpenResume is a self-hosted web resume builder and parser. Easily create your resume and download it as a PDF in an elegant formatted design.

Open Resume - A Minimal Self-Hosted Resume Builder and Parser

It's great to see more self-hosted resume builders appearing. Today I want to take a look at a relatively newer resume builder called OpenResume.

What is Open Resume?

OpenResume is a powerful open-source resume builder and resume parser. The goal of OpenResume is to provide everyone with free access to a modern professional resume design and enable anyone to apply for jobs with confidence.
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Links: Github | Demo

OpenResume is very easy to setup and use. Just fill in the form and the app does the resume building for you. Furthermore, if you already have a resume, you can upload and parse the document.

You can also add your resume to access how well your resume would be parsed by similar Application Tracking Systems (ATS) used in job applications. The more information it can parse out, the better it indicates the resume is well formatted and easy to read. It is beneficial to have the name and email accurately parsed at the very least.

Install OpenResume using Docker

OpenResume can be ran locally using Docker. Infact, just yesterday I wrote an article about building and publishing a Docker image to Docker Hub using OpenResume as the example. You can view that article to learn how to quickly build and deploy OpenResume on your own hardware locally

If you are not comfortable building the app yourself and would just like to try it out on your hardware, you can use my pre-built image here:

version: '3.9'
        image: 'itsnoted/open-resume:latest'
            - '3000:3000'

Just keep in mind I most likely won't be updating this image very often if at all.

Once you run the compose script, it will install OpenResume and expose it on port 3000.

Final Notes and Thoughts

I reviewed Reactive Resume not long ago and have used it for my own personal use but I find OpenResume as a more simplified solution.

Reactive Resume - A Self Hosted Resume Builder

The self hosted Reactive Resume not only gives you access to your resume anywhere in the palm of your hand, but also the sheer geek factor! 📄

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There's not much to it! If you are in need of a solution to help you create a well designed resume, OpenResume is perfect. It's simple yet powerful design tool makes building a resume a breeze. Plus, you get the added benefit of telling your employer that you built your resume using a self-hosted tool. 😀

If you find OpenResume useful, please be sure to give it a star on the OpenResume Github repo!