Our New Self Hosted Resource Archive Powered by LinkAce

Check out the brand new Self Hosted Resource Archive. Find resources to help you learn and grow to become more efficient at self hosting. πŸ”—

Our New Self Hosted Resource Archive Powered by LinkAce

It's always nice to keep things organized when learning a new hobby such as Self Hosting. And over the last few years, I have collected many resources that have helped me learn and grow in this hobby.

Resources we accumulate can consist of websites, wikis, blogs, podcasts, videos and other related content. I created a public LinkAce instance of these resources that I will be updating regularly for anyone to access and use for their own self hosted projects.

Link view of the archive

I want this to be a community effort where anyone can recommend a resource to be added. I encourage you to leave a comment on this article recommending self hosted related resources and tools that can help people learn. You may also join the Noted Discord server and leave your suggestions there too!

List view of the archive

The Self Hosted Resource Archive is simply a place where links to resources will be stored so you can reference them at a later time.

What you won't see on the Resource Archive

One thing I do not want to do is index applications. There are so many self hosted applications and there are already some very good self hosted application indexes such as the Awesome-Selfhosted Github repo (which is also already linked in the resource archive) that do an amazing job at doing this.

I'd like to primarily focus on tutorial websites and blogs and tools rather than the applications themselves.

There will be a big update to LinkAce coming in version 2.0 that will make links look much better to guest viewing the site. Here is a quote from the dev:

I agree, the current state of how links and everything else is displayed - both to users and guests - is quite a mess. It will be completely redone in version 2.0.

Final Notes and Thoughts

I have had so many questions about resources such as "what are some good self hosted related podcasts?". Β Another big one is "what are some good self hosted related YouTube channels?". These are all questions answered on the Self Hosted Resource Archive.

self hosted related YouTube channels

With that being said, I am asking for your help in creating this project by submitting your favorite resources! Like I said, either in the comments below or on our Discord server. If you are a self hosted content creator, even better! Let us know your details and we can get you added to the archive.