Self Hosted Roundup #24

What's new in self hosted applications this week? Check it out in the Self Hosted Roundup #24! 🚀

Self Hosted Roundup #24

Starting off, we have a couple things to mention about the website this week.

New Self Hosted app Directory

I finally got around to dabbling in some code this week to create our self hosted app directory! All of our self hosted apps are tagged up so you can go through them in a some what organized fashion. It's still a work in progress though. I plan to add the number of articles on the cards soon.

We had a new logo made this week. It's something I have been wanting to do for a while now to better express our brand. What do you think? I wanted to keep it simple and clean and I think this is it!

If you're reading this in an email, you will notice the new icon at the top of the email. It's exciting to have a logo and icon we can finally call our own!

What's new in Self Hosted this Week?

I'm going to start things off with a collaboration project I have been working on with Cas called Noted Reminders. The name is subject to change as it's very early but here is the project!

Noted Reminders

Noted Reminders is a simple self hosted reminder platform that uses push to send notifications to your device. Reminders uses the Apprise API so you can use any of the supported platforms. And there are many!

Core Features

  • Basic auth
  • Utilizes Apprise
  • Create, edit and delete reminders
  • Schedule reminders
  • Recurring reminders
  • Create reminder templates to be used later
  • Docker image
  • Mobile friendly!

Many more features to come!


Monoid is an open-source suite of tools for automating data privacy.

  • Scan your data silos for PII to maintain an up-to-date data map.
  • Automate user data deletion & right-to-know requests with our pre-built SaaS, DB, and warehouse automators. Are we missing a data silo that you use? Build your own automator easily, or make an issue if you'd like us to do so.
  • Stay compliant with existing (GDPR, CCPA, etc.) and emerging (CPRA, Virginia, etc.) regulations.
  • Coming soon: cookie banners, CRM connectors, analytics tool connectors, and more!
  • For RoPA generation, audit trails, teams, and more.
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Homarr Dashboard

Homarr had a huge update this week with breaking changes!


So what's changed?

  • Complete overhaul of the UI, the look and feel of the app
  • Added icon picker with smart search and automatic icons
  • Complete overhaul of the module system
  • Added an edit mode for making changes easier
  • Form validation for better user experience
  • Better security with new built-in credentials system
  • Huge design and usability improvements to older components to Homarr


Heimdallr is a stateless password manager / generator. Tired of constantly remembering your password for a website or application? Do you forget to write a new account into the password manager or forget to sync it with another device? But what if you can get rid of these problems and remember only one master password, but it does not lead to password leakage from other services?

This password manager solves these problems! You only need to remember one master password, and you can get passwords for other sites based on it.


HomeLists helps you keep track of household consumables with alerts and more.


Turnly helps businesses save their customers time waiting in physical queues by eliminating legacy number-taking systems. Customers join from their smart device to a web widget-based system that can be accessed from your own website or application.

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Docker Vulnerability Scanning 101 - A Self Hosting Guide

The multi-part series will help you fix that, and arm you with the knowledge to scan and find vulnerabilities. Let's define some terms used in this series, and clear up some misunderstandings about this topic. We will be using a variety of toolsets, but all of these are 100% free and open source.

Dashy - The Self Hosted Personal Dashboard

Dashy is a self hosted personal dashboard built for you. Includes status-checking, widgets, themes, icon packs, a UI editor and tons more!

Self Hosting SWAG on your Homelab

Taking a quick look at SWAG and how it can benefit your self hosted homelab and help secure your public facing services.

What is a Homelab and What can You Learn from Them?

Let's talk homelabs! What are they and why do you need a homelab? It's much easier than you think to get started!

Question of the Week

What is your most used self hosted app and how has it helped you if at all? Let us know in the comments below!

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Have a great weekend everyone!