Self Hosted Roundup #32

What's new in self hosted applications this week? Check it out in the Self Hosted Roundup #32!

Self Hosted Roundup #32

Welcome back to the Self Hosted Roundup where we bring you the latest in Self Hosted and Open Source applications each week. 👋

What's new self hosted apps have we found this week? Let's take a look.


Power DNS Admin is a comprehensive administration tool for managing forward and reverse zones, zone templates, and user access control with role-based permissions, and zone-specific controls. This tool is equipped with activity logging, allowing for efficient error tracking and monitoring. Power DNS Admin comes with a variety of authentication methods to suit your needs, ranging from local user support to SAML, LDAP, and OAuth. It also provides Two-factor authentication (TOTP) support for added security. Power DNS Admin simplifies PDNS Service Configuration and Statistics Monitoring with DynDNS 2 protocol support, easy IPv6 PTR record editing, and full IDN/Punycode support. Users can interact with the tool through its API, which offers an array of zone and record management features.

What's up Docker

What's Up Docker (WUD) is a monitoring tool that keeps Docker container versions up-to-date by notifying users whenever a new version is available. It allows users to customize their reactions when updates arise. The tool operates on three major concepts, including Watchers that gather data from Docker hosts, Registries that query Docker registries for updates, and Triggers that take actions when updates are detected. Users can quickly and easily stay on top of their Docker containers through WUD’s effective monitoring and updating system.

Codex Docs

Codex Docs is a powerful and easy-to-use documentation application that is powered by the Editor.js ecosystem, offering modern features for working with content. This free application is versatile and can be used for personal notes, internal team documentation, and product documentation. It offers a range of features, including nesting of docs, human-readable URLs that are SEO-friendly, errors tracking, misprints reports, Yandex Metrica integration, easy deployment, simple configuration, and the ability to tune the UI as per your preference.


Basaran is a revolutionary open-source tool designed as an alternative to the OpenAI text completion API. It offers a streaming API that is compatible with Hugging Face Transformers-based text generation models, providing users with multiple strategies for decoding, multi-GPU support, and tokenization handling. Basaran allows you to replace OpenAI's service with the latest open-source models without having to change any code. With real-time progress updates and a web-based playground, this tool is an essential asset for developers seeking efficient and effective ways to generate top-quality text.


Automatisch is a user-friendly business automation tool that simplifies your workflow without requiring programming skills or a significant investment. You can connect various services, including Twitter and Slack, to execute business processes. Unlike competitors like Zapier and Integromat, one of Automatisch's advantages is offering secure data storage on your own servers, which is essential for industries that handle sensitive user information or must comply with GDPR regulations. As an open-source program, you play an active role in the software's development.


Flatnotes is an efficient note-taking web app that prioritizes the content of the notes themselves. It is self-hosted and does not require a database. It utilizes a flat folder of markdown files for storage. The app has a clean and simple user interface, eliminating the need for folders and notebooks in favor of powerful search and tagging functions. Full-text search is easily accessible from anywhere within the app via a keyboard shortcut, and notes are not held hostage in any way – users are free to move their files to another app at any point. Flatnotes only caches the search index, allowing users to add, edit, or delete markdown files even while the app is running.

Helpful Resources

The Odin Project

The Odin Project is a fantastic platform for developers looking to enhance their skillset and become proficient in web development. The platform offers a comprehensive and free curriculum that covers everything from HTML and CSS to advanced topics like Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. The Odin Project also provides a supportive community where developers can connect with other learners and get help from experienced developers. The best thing about The Odin Project is that it is entirely free and designed to help learners become job-ready developers. By completing projects and mastering skills, The Odin Project is undoubtedly helping developers to build a solid foundation and flourish in the tech industry.

Joke of the Week

Why did the self-hosting enthusiast quit their day job? Because they decided to become a "server-preneur" and work from their own homelab! 🤣

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