Self Hosted Roundup #9

A self hosted dating app? Yup it's here with more self hosted apps to follow this week! πŸ’‹

Self Hosted Roundup #9

I thought you'd all be interested in seeing a little more back-end stuff this week so here's a gif animation of the last 30 days in Cloudflare analytics for Noted.

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I started the Self Hosted Resource Archive where I will be putting all the resources I find related to self hosting. I think it would be fair to say it will also have homelab related resources as well. See this post for more info an how you can contribute!

Join us in our new Discord! Hang out with like minded folks and show off your homelab and dashboards.

This small homelab rack is so nice to look at. I thought you might like it.

Reddit | u/FirewallConsultant

What's new in Self Hosted this week?


Journal is a privacy first, self hosted digital log book. It is designed to be accessible anywhere you go, allowing you to organize your thoughts, feelings and opinions in one place. Your Journals are stored with AES 256 encryption using your own password as the encryption key, resulting in a protected and inaccessible log book from outsiders.


DatingLibre is an open source white-label dating site platform.


SimplyDocs is Β simple, fast, free & easy to use static based plain HTML template. That allows you to make a beautiful personal / blog or technical documentation website really quickly.


Scale8 is a simple, yet powerful Google Tag Manager alternative that is fully open-sourced and privacy-friendly. Our in-built Google Analytics alternative doesn't use any cookies and is fully GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant. We've made it quick and easy to try a demo or simply host it yourself in production. We'll also be offering a cloud hosted version in the near future.


Fireshare is a way to share your game clips, videos, or other media via unique links. Check out our review here!


Skarf is another Self-Hosted Linktree/ Demo:


Dash. is a modern server dashboard, running on the latest tech, designed with glassmorphism in mind. It is intended to be used for smaller VPS and private servers.

That's all I have this week but if you cannot get enough, you can always check out the Self Hosted Roundup tag to see more.

The dashboard used in the featured image is from Dashy! Check it out!

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Have a great weekend everyone and happy self hosting!