Noted was created to share self-hosted and open-source guides and resources with everyone. With that in mind, Noted will always be accessible to the public, and you can freely download individual articles or the entire collection as a zim file for offline browsing. SingleFile Article Snapshots

Article snapshots are taken after each article is published on Noted using a tool called SingleFile. These snapshots are then uploaded to a different server and served using Dufs where you can either view the archived articles or download them for offline viewing. Zim file Archive

Each month I run a script to create a zim file for the content on This file can be viewed offline using a tool known as Kiwix. You can search the site and read all of the articles just as if you were browsing Noted online.

Download Zim File

Filesize: 1.4gb


The zim file is being hosted by our friends over at PikaPods on a Gokapi server instance 😊

Read more about why Noted provides our content archives here.

Learn more about how to create and view zim files and how they work by visiting this article.