My Top 5 Self Hosted Apps so far in 2023

What are your top 5 self hosted apps so far this year? Here's a look at mine but it was a tough list to make! ❤️

My Top 5 Self Hosted Apps so far in 2023

Not much has changed from last years list of my most used self hosted apps but I did add a few to my list already this year. So many amazing new apps have surfaced already this year!

Also, I quit using Nginx Proxy Manager in exchange for Cloudflare tunnels for Noted. I was already using Cloudflare DNS so it made sense to just use the traffic routing they provide. They make it extremely easy to setup using Docker. I do however still us NPM for other projects hosted from home and it's still just as great as ever!

Here's a look at my top 5 self hosted apps so far this year in no particular order.


NocoDB has been a vital part in how I organize things such as contacts on Noted. When someone uses the contact form here it will log all the information into a nice spreadsheet then send me an email via SMTP letting me know there has been a new submission!

This helps me keep Noted contact submissions separate from other emails in a nice organized fashion. And when I want to reply, I just scan the QR code and it will automatically add the email address to the sender field in my email app on my phone.

My article is a bit outdated but I plan on updating it soon as so much has changed since I wrote it.


RSS is a simple RSS reader made by the developer of Bookstack. I really like how simple it is. It does have it's issues with adding feeds occasionally but overall it works great as I need it and it looks awesome on mobile devices.

It has 3 different views. Large thumbnail, small thumbnail and no thumbnail views. You can see it at work at


I listen to podcasts often when I am working and all thanks to this amazing self hosted audio book app called Audiobookshelf!

I use the iOS app on my phone when I am working around the house or the web version when at my desk. I can pickup where I left off on any device.

Tube Archivist

Tube Archivist is by far the most valuable self hosted app I run. And I say that because it literally lets me choose what kind of media my kids consume every single day from YouTube.

It would take something even better to knock this app off my top self hosted apps list and I don't see that happening any time soon. With Tube Archivist I can manually choose which videos get downloaded to our Emby server from the channels my kids like to watch.


UpSnap is the newest addition to my self hosted top list! It allows me to send magic packets to my machines using Wake on LAN.

This is so great because the servers I use it on are in the basement and it can save me the trip! Not only that but I am saving power by not running my servers when they don't need to be running.

Final Notes and Thoughts

This was a tough one! I have so many more apps I use on a daily basis such as Ghost which is what this web site is ran on. Not to mention the analytics apps Umami and Plausible I use along with it.

That being said, more and more apps are popping up all the time and you can bet they will wind up being featured here at one point or another!